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A Fresh Approach To Leadership.

Zachary has fought for Ward 5 families as our State Board of Education representative. He's now running to fight for us on the DC Council.


Together we can build a stronger, healthier Ward 5.

Join the movement! 


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A picture of Zachary Parker, candidate for Ward 5, DC Council

Zachary Parker is a Democrat running a people-first campaign to represent Ward 5.

Zachary Parker is an educator and public servant. He was elected in 2018 by Ward 5 neighbors to serve as our representative on the DC State Board of Education. Zachary served as President of the State Board after his colleagues unanimously selected him in January 2021. 

Zachary is running for DC Council to fight for working families and a Ward 5 where all of us have what we need to thrive. Having family that has been displaced from DC and his work with families has shown Zachary just how many Ward 5 neighbors are struggling with the devastating consequences of politics as usual.

Zachary's in This Fight For Working Families Like His and Yours

A picture of Zachary Parker sharing hands with neighbors.

Healthy Communities For All of Us.

Ward 5 is the heart of this city, and representing you has been the honor of my life. While I’ve worked with the community, I’ve seen too many of our families and neighbors left behind. We need leaders who are change agents, not placeholders for politics as usual. It is time for bold investments that build real racial equity and truly healthy communities.

Healthy communities means all neighbors have what they need to thrive: safe streets, good schools, community jobs, deeply affordable housing, healthy food, quality care, and clean air. These essential needs are out of reach for too many of our neighbors through no fault of their own. 

No more can we settle for folk who talk of bold change but continue to let us down when it matters most. Violence, homelessness, and displacement are on the rise. Accessing schools is a crapshoot for many families and many others face eviction during a pandemic.  Environmental racism continues to plague predominantly Black communities while the gap between the haves and the have-nots widens. The status quo is not working.


There is a better way to face our problems. We can honor the past and build a healthier Ward 5 together. We can root out corruption, cut wasteful spending, and shape a livable and healthy future. We can meet the basic needs of all neighbors while building generational wealth and housing for our communities that need it most. 

This campaign is an invitation to build a government that works for the people. Together, we can tackle Ward 5’s complex issues with the boldness they demand. This is a movement to build healthy communities for all of us. I invite you to join us.

Zachary Parker Signature

What Zachary Stands For

Violence Prevention &

Community Safety 

On the Council, Zachary will work across government agencies to develop a comprehensive public health approach to reduce violence and strengthen communities.

Deeply Affordable & 

Targeted Housing

On the Council, Zachary will work to expand affordable housing and make sure we build intentionally to address community housing needs for seniors, families, and

LGBTQ+ youth.

Good Schools & 

Family Health 

On the Council, Zachary will be a public schools advocate while working to support the mental and physical health of all neighbors during the pandemic and beyond. 

Generational Wealth & Good-Paying Jobs 

On the Council, Zachary will expand good-paying and "green" jobs while working to close the racial wealth gap by increasing access to home ownership and financing sustainable businesses.

Safe Streets &

Green Infrastructure

On the Council, Zachary will fight for a real Vision Zero, expand bus services, and ensure all neighbors have access to critical neighborhood amenities.

Issue Platforms

Zachary is the candidate in this race that continues to lead with ideas. His issue platforms are informed by resident feedback and detail policy proposals necessary to build a stronger, healthier Ward 5. 

Zachary's Commitments to Good Government 

  • Serve as a present representative — during and out of election season

  • Respond in a timely manner to all constituent needs and requests 

  • Demand smart spending as a responsible steward of the District's resources 

  • Conduct effective, ongoing oversight of the District's agencies and leaders

  • Listen to, partner with, and legislate for Ward 5 residents — not special interests

Be A Part of The Story

Follow along the journey to build a Ward 5 that is possible. 

Together, we can #BuildAHealthy5!

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