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Policy Platform

Expanded Democracy, Anti-Corruption, and Civic Education Platform

Our democracy is fragile. That is why it's essential we do everything we can to strengthen ours in the District. 

When done right, democracy is a verb: active, participatory, and always in need of improvement. We must ensure our local government truly works for the people.

Zachary is the candidate in this race that continues to lead with ideas.

As the District fights for statehood, we must expand and transform our democracy so that it can truly work for the people. Too many neighbors tell me it is too hard to engage in local issues, and even when they do, they feel their voice is not heard. We must build trust by changing the system.

Students Walking Home

I propose a forward-looking, comprehensive plan to expand democracy, root out corruption through transparency, and deepen civic education, including ideas I’ve heard from community members:

  • Expand the number of DC Councilmembers to fight corruption, distribute power, and bring politicians closer to the people;

  • Expand the data-collection, policy-initiation, and Superintendent-appointing functions of the DC State Board of Education;

  • Overhaul the District's technology infrastructure so all agencies transmit information with one another efficiently, and expand transparency by establishing a centralized, easily accessible information hub;

  • Empower Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners (ANCs), our most local form of governing, through expanded support from the District and accessible technology;

  • Honor immigrant neighbors by allowing permanent residents to vote in local elections;

  • Empower DC youth by allowing 16 and 17 year-olds to vote in local elections;

  • Make it easy for our students to not only learn civics, but do civics by making an advocacy module part of our middle and high school social studies learning standards;

  • Create a small fund in the city’s budget to be decided by the people through participatory budgeting and citizen councils

  • Make testifying at DC Council more accessible for working people, allowing residents to submit audio or video testimony electronically, as well as a system of text reminders for those testifying live so residents do not have to follow a hearing their entire day; and

  • Amend the VOICE Act (the bill for Ranked Choice Voting) to have the DC Council put it on the ballot so the public has the final say about changes to our local democracy.

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