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The solution is all of us.

We’ll explain what we mean in a second, but if you’re ready to chip in now, you can use this link:

Here’s the deal: we can have a government that works for ALL of us. It’s going to take a mass movement working together to demand change. When we say #BuildaHealthy5, we envision a stronger, healthier community that promotes 5 elements of health, including:

  • Cultural Health

  • Economic Health

  • Environmental Health

  • Physical Health

  • Mental Health

This week we’ll focus on Cultural Health.

Cultural Health in Ward 5 means bridging generations and connecting our communities. It means expanding networks of support and ensuring neighbors who have long lived here can stay here. Cultural Health is about neighbors saying "hello" and helping each other. It is about us honoring the past while building the future together. That's why Zachary has put forth bold policy proposals to help preserve Ward 5's Cultural Health and ensure all residents can live and thrive in our Ward 5. Together, we can...

  • Increase the amount of affordable housing in the District by leveraging city-owned land and purchasing additional property

  • Establish a tax credit for Native Washingtonians born before 2005 and living in the District to incentivize more of our neighbors to stay and thrive

  • Launch an inter-agency effort to combat discriminatory housing practices, like lowball appraisals and offers, which serve as barriers for Black and Brown families building sufficient wealth

That’s what we’re building together on this campaign. It’s why we’re humbled by and so grateful for your support. When we win this election and send Zachary to the Council, it will be because this incredible grassroots movement came together and MADE it happen. — Team Zachary

ANC5A Commissioner Charles Lockett joined Team Zachary to canvass parts of North Michigan Park.

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