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For Immediate Release

March 9, 2022

Contact: Allyson Wilson (202) 505-4378


WASHINGTON (March 9, 2022) — EAT clothing, Turner Development LLC, and Zachary Parker announce a new initiative to mentor Ward 5 teens into business entrepreneurs.

The Ward 5 Youth Business-Minded Mentorship Program is an innovative community-based pilot brought together by Zachary Parker, Ward 5 candidate for DC Council. Five teens between the ages of 14-17 will enter a 10-week intensive mentorship program, starting April 4, 2022, where they’ll learn how to design their own clothing, start their own business and take their apparel to market to sell. EAT clothing and Turner Development will operate this innovative business mentorship program.

“When my brother, Malik Jarrett, created the EAT brand in 2016, his goal was to provide support to the community, shed light on the pathway to entrepreneurship, and maintain DC culture through streetwear fashion,” said Melvin Ward, who will lead the Ward 5 Youth Business-Minded Mentorship program for EAT clothing. "We grew up here and are looking forward to teaming up with Zachary to give back to Ward 5."

This partnership aligns with Zachary’s vision of building healthy communities by ensuring that everyone has what they need to thrive and find their purpose. By investing in Ward 5's young people, we can create economic opportunities and bring innovative solutions to reduce violence. Zachary’s Violence Prevention and Community Safety platform is focused on giving youth resources and a constructive outlet to strengthen their mental health. This is how young people can find their own vision and build connections to enrich their lives.

“I am committed to expanding educational, economic, and recreational opportunities for all neighbors, and that’s especially important right now for our young people,” said candidate for Ward 5 Councilmember Zachary Parker. “I am proud to connect these Ward 5 business owners and seed this pilot program to inspire hope and to build a stronger, healthier Ward 5.”

“Ward 5 needs a transformational leader like Zachary,” said Tracey Turner, CEO of Turner Development LLC, a small Ward 5 residential and commercial construction company. “That’s why I’m proud to partner with Zachary and EAT Clothing through this innovative program that invests in our youth.”

Applicants should submit a unique one-minute video saying why they should be selected for the mentorship program, using either Instagram or TikTok. Entrants must tag @eatthebrand and @zacharyforward5, and use the hashtags #BuildAHealthy5 and #TDL. Videos can also be submitted by emailing

Submissions will be accepted until March 21, 2022. Accepted participants will be notified by Friday, March 25, 2022. Parental consent is required for entry into the program. The mentorship program begins April 4, 2022 and runs through early June. It will conclude with a showcase where participants will present their work.

Please email with questions about the pilot program.


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