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The Partnership Model of Power

September 16, 2021 — Zachary is pictured with Commissioner Darlene Oliver and Rayceen Pendarvis following a Brentwood community meeting, where neighbors discussed taking action against the proposed W Street Bus Terminal.

This campaign will always be about one thing only — elevating the issues that matter most to the people.

That means real issues affecting everyday Ward 5 neighbors: persistent violence, a safe school reopening, traffic concerns, and so much more.

The truth is, we have an unprecedented opportunity to make real, lasting change in the lives of everyday people here in Ward 5— IF we stand together and fight for it.

Zachary brings a fresh approach to problem-solving. He partners with the community to get things done.

For years he's stood with Brentwood neighbors in their fight against environmental racism in the community.

Zachary is opposed to inequitable industrial development and advocated for Brentwood neighbors when they could not get their calls returned from the Wilson Building.

He continues to stand with them as they fight the city's plans for a new bus terminal which, if built, would increase carbon emissions and further impact air quality in an already marginalized community.

With your help, we can send Zachary to represent Ward 5 on the Council, where we know he will keep fighting for and partnering with all of us.

— Team Zachary


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