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This is Personal for Me

Neighbors, It's been a very busy time lately, but I wanted to personally write to you to express my gratitude for your support. I hope you'll read to the end. I come to public service with a sense of responsibility, as I've lived a pretty fortunate life. My oldest brother works 40+ hours a week without health insurance — and he often doesn't make ends meet. I lost my middle brother to kidney failure in 2016 after watching him battle with insurance companies for coverage and care for much of his life. I'm no more deserving of a good life than my older brothers. And I know my family's story is like many of yours. We have an economic system, a school system, and a political establishment that are all focused on choosing winners and losers — where you either go along with business-as-usual or you're out. I'm in this race because I believe there is a better way. This is personal for me. My vision for healthy communities — where we all have safe streets, affordable housing, quality schools, affordable and accessible health care, and nutritious food — is rooted in what I know can be true if we have the courage to get it done. It's what I want for my oldest brother. It's what I wish my middle brother had. It's why I've been fighting for educational equity for the past 13 years. It's what I will fight for on the DC Council.

We must elect a Councilmember willing to advance the interests of everyday neighbors and fight for those often deemed the "losers" in our broken economic, educational, and political systems. Ultimately, this race comes down to this: will we elect a placeholder for the status quo, or someone daring to do things differently? Thank you for sticking with me during this journey.


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