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We are now all on the same team


After a hard-fought contest, our primary season has finally ended. Although we await certified election results, we won a decisive victory in yesterday's primary. I am humbled and honored to be your Ward 5 Democratic nominee for the DC Council.

It has been ten months since we announced our campaign. And because of what you did, we conclude this historic journey ready to embark on another.

I am grateful for every neighbor who stood with us throughout this campaign. I also thank Gordon Fletcher, Faith Gibson Hubbard, Kathy Henderson, Gary Johnson, Art Loyd, and Vincent Orange. I have learned from them and hope to work with them to make Ward 5 better. Our Ward should be proud that we put forth one of the most talented fields of individuals ever to run for the Council.

We are now all on the same team.

I hope to earn the trust of neighbors who supported another candidate, and I look forward to sharing more information about various community forums and listening sessions my team will host in the coming months. My goal between now and November is to unite our Ward and listen to our neighbors. With that spirit, should you have a question or need, don't hesitate to contact my team at or 202-505-4378.

I face the journey ahead with humility, recognizing my limitations. However, I have limitless belief in the potential of Ward 5. We've shown that if we work for it and believe in it, there is nothing we cannot accomplish. I sincerely wish that when we look back years from now, we can say that this was when we finally treated housing as a right, fought for livable wages, and ensured neighbors enjoyed a shared quality of life regardless of zip code.

This campaign is an invitation to build a government that works for the people. I invite you to join us.

Thank you,



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