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Generational Wealth and Good-Paying Jobs

Zachary believes that we need more than competition and individualism to close the structural barriers to generational wealth. We can combat DC’s growing racial wealth gap by addressing racist policies of the past and their lasting impact and through strategic investments in businesses that prioritize community wealth and social good. To improve Ward 5's economic health, we must increase access to good-paying jobs of the future, strategically investing in cooperative businesses, and ensure Black and brown neighbors get every dime owed them when selling their homes.

As your Ward 5 Councilmember, Zachary will fight to:


★ Fight to reduce bureaucracy in the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs and Department of Employment Services by streamlining business startup requirements and investing in improved data infrastructure

★ Stop money mismanagement through DC’s contracting and procurement system

★ Conduct a whole-of-government analysis on the ways institutionalized racism perpetuates the racial wealth gap in DC and the feasibility of providing reparations to descendants of American slavery

★ Establish a tax credit for Native Washingtonians born before 2005 and living in the District to incentivize more of our neighbors staying and thriving here

Launch an inter-agency effort to combat discrimination in housing appraisals, which serves as a barrier for Black and brown families building sufficient wealth


★ Strategically invest in cooperatives that give workers ownership and an equal share of profits

★ Establish a “green jobs” program to help expand employment opportunities and help DC cut greenhouse gas emissions 

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