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Safe Streets and Green Infrastructure

Zachary believes that we must build a community that matches our values and needs, a test that Ward 5’s current design often fails. For too long, Ward 5 has seen industrial land polluting our neighborhoods, suburban commuters speeding through our streets, and food deserts leaving families cut off from affordable groceries. Ward 5 residents deserve clean air, safe streets, green infrastructure, and access to resources and amenities in our neighborhoods.

As your Ward 5 Councilmember, Zachary will fight to:


★ End the over-industrialization of Ward 5 neighborhoods like Brentwood 


★ Facilitate plans to bring new libraries to Eckington/Edgewood and elsewhere to fill crucial service gaps 


★ Make sure all neighbors, including our deaf and hard-of-hearing residents, have access to their government through community infrastructure and interpretation services 


★ Preserve the legacy of institutions like the old Crummell School in Ivy City and Spingarn High School in Langston by protecting neighbors’ use of these vital community hubs 


★ Repeal the FEED-ACT that hasn't worked and reinvest money into community-based approaches to expand access to fresh, nutritional foods 


★ Push DDOT to make real changes to the design of our streets to eliminate chronic dangerous driving and accelerate the implementation of the Transit Corridor Priority plan 


★ Secure funding for a Ward 5 Circulator route to connect our disparate neighborhoods with jobs, resources and amenities

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