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Zachary Announces His Safe Streets Platform

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

Safe Streets Platform

1. Create a REAL Vision Zero action plan that protects community members:

  • Make street redesign a budget priority with dedicated revenue streams to aggressively curb traffic violence

  • Expand DDOT capacity and legal mandates for designs to default to safest alternative

  • Redesign every deadly arterial prioritizing MoveDC plans for bus and bike lanes

  • Complete the protected, connected bike network

  • Create a Safe Routes to School Intersection redesign plan to systematically improve intersections adjacent to every school. Use interim and then permanent tactical improvements like raised crosswalks

  • Establish a Sidewalk Strike team to clear sidewalk repair requests in weeks and proactively connect with neighbors to find needed fixes

  • Hold DC agencies and contractors accountable to laws requiring safe accommodations for pedestrians and cyclists due to construction

2. Redesign enforcement to change dangerous behavior, not just collect revenue:

  • Remove traffic enforcement from MPD to end biased stops and reduce armed encounters

  • Adjust automated enforcement fines to income levels to reduce the inequality of flat fares that harshly punish low-income neighbors while barely slapping the wrist of wealthy ones

  • Get consistently dangerous and reckless drivers off the street with license suspension

  • Boot and tow cars with thousands of outstanding tickets reflecting persistent violations -- particularly out-of-state drivers

3. Reduce car ownership and trips by establishing a local e-bike tax credit/subsidy, incentivizing car-share programs, and advocating for walkable neighborhood amenities (i.e., parks, groceries, restaurants)

4. Increase bus services and routes, including bringing a Circulator route to Ward 5

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