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Councilmember Charles Allen endorses Zachary


I’m committed to moving our city forward, and I'm excited to announce that I'm endorsing Zachary Parker for Ward 5 Councilmember. Wards 5 and 6 share a long border and many of the same issues — like gun and traffic violence. And I know Zachary will stand as a partner to get things done for our communities — all of DC — on day one.

Having served on the Council for 8 years, I've seen what makes for a successful Councilmember: a clear vision and a commitment to accountability. Throughout his campaign, Zachary has laid out the boldest vision for how we can build healthy communities, expand affordable housing, improve district services though oversight, and provide every child a quality education.

I first had the opportunity to work closely with Zachary when he served as president of the State Board of Education. Zachary's thoughtful leadership was instrumental in building support for ensuring each school had a school librarian and moving away from our current school STAR Framework.

It takes courage to take tough votes that will improve people's lives and build a more just DC. It also takes courage to share your full self. Zachary has done that and will make history as the first openly gay Black DC Councilmember when elected. I am inspired by this chance to move our city forward.

Thank you,


DC Councilmember, Ward 6


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