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My Son Has Chosen The Side of The People


I am so proud of Zachary. My beloved husband, his father, passed away when Zachary was 17. I know he is looking down on Zachary and cheering him on.

We raised Zachary and his two brothers to work hard, give back, and be kind. And I can honestly say that since he was a kid, Zachary has always wanted to be a blessing to others.

So it was not a surprise to me that Zachary dedicated himself to public service, becoming a teacher and running for office. I'm glad he is taking this next step, because we need more servant leaders genuinely working to make a difference.

At the end of the day, what really counts is not what we have or who we know. It's about who we've lifted up. It's about whose life we've changed and what we've given back.

Zachary is fighting to help end homelessness in the District. He has a vision for reducing the violence that continues to claim the lives of our babies. He is pushing to raise wages so families like yours can put food on the table and make ends meet.

In politics, there is often pressure to pick a side. I'm proud that Zachary has chosen the side of the people.

I hope you'll choose him too.

God Bless,



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