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Zachary endorsed by Metro DC DSA

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

We’re excited to have Metro DC DSA in our coalition to help expand our volunteer base and reach neighbors in Ward 5 through phone banking and door knocking.

Our movement is about building a broad coalition, where we bridge cultures and communities in Ward 5 that don’t agree on everything, but are focused on disrupting patterns of corruption, violence, and displacement.

To build a campaign rooted in economic liberation, Zachary will fight for tenant rights, robust rent control, demilitarization of MPD, decriminalization of poverty, increasing wages, strengthening worker protections and ownership, expanding democracy in public education, and unleashing the power of Black and brown communities left behind by our racist and classist economic policies.

This endorsement is a vote of trust in Zachary and our vision to #BuildAHealthy5 for a stronger, safer, more just community shaped and shared by all.

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